Successful International Masterclass about the Dutch Standards for School Leadership (April 29)

On April 29th, we organized the International Masterclass about the National Standards for School Leadership. We were very happy to welcome over 30 participants from Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Lithuania and Nigeria!

Beeld: ©SRVO

It was interesting to see both the similarities and differences between the different professional standards. For example, the way they are being used in each country is slightly different. We feel very grateful to have received so many positive reactions about the masterclass. In the future, we hope that we will be able to organize another international masterclass again!

Some reactions from the participants:

  • Jan Heystek (South Africa), research director and speaker during the masterclass:
    I enjoyed the participation and interaction. It was wonderful to experience opinions about the Standards for leadership, from different international perspectives!
  • Inez Heenan (Ireland), PhD-student:
    Very interesting!
  • Charmain Kruger (South Africa), head of department: 
    I really enjoyed the international perspectives. Hope to join many more Masterclasses. It is fantastic to learn from one another and also to realize that we do not differ that much. Thank you very much.
  • Alison Weatherston (Scotland), lead specialist school leadership and speaker during the masterclass:
    The importance of values in the role of a school leader and the recognised skills and abilities are clear, as they are so similar in all of the speakers' countries and throughout the Dutch standards for leadership.
  • Emely Meijerink (Netherlands), teacher-coordinator:
    I am aware that many countries are dealing with the same struggle. We can learn so much from each other!
  • John Devine (Scotland), headteacher:
    It was good to hear how other countries were trying to capture the idea of 'leadership' in some sort of standard. I found the discussions very thought-provoking.